About Us

The Society for New Music in Edmonton is Edmonton’s premier organization for the promotion and presentation of contemporary music and sound-related arts. Now in its third decade of operations, NME is committed to the goal of seeking out and bringing to its audiences the widest possible spectrum of musical and sonic art practices. Our core, founding principles were conceived by a group of Edmonton composers in 1985 who, at the suggestion of the late Violet Archer, began a new series of concerts. Their mandate: to create a forum for their compositions through public performances by committed, professional musicians from the area. In the quarter century since, those principles have remained and New Music Edmonton continues to encourage and support its members’ creativity at every opportunity.

New Music Edmonton is moving full speed ahead into its next quarter century. The creative work of our members is a source of great pride for us and we will continue to foster development of our members’ work through concerts, festivals, promotion, recordings and other special projects.

We will also provide mentoring and career-development assistance for members just beginning their creative life. Our long history of producing outstanding concerts will continue through live performances by local, national and international artists, and will bring cutting edge repertoire, leading performers, and newly commissioned works to our audiences.

New Music Edmonton is constantly expanding its outreach to local, national and international musical colleagues. Developing vibrant alliances with partners in the other arts, cross-disciplinary projects, co-production of tours, and education initiatives are among our most ambitious new priorities. Increasingly, participation in and sponsorship of other organizations’ festivals and events are also part of our Society’s work. Future developments will include special programs such as artists’ residencies and free events complementing our concerts. The artistic and generational diversity of NME’s membership is constantly expanding. We have members from around the world, and are quickly becoming one of the most vital, diverse and active arts organizations in the region.

What began with a small group of composers has now become a rich collective of composers, sound artists, dedicated performers, innovative artists from other disciplines, and many individuals who support our goals through volunteerism, donations and attendance at our live events. New Music Edmonton also benefits from robust, generous support and assistance from a wide range of public and private agencies.

New Music Edmonton is especially aware of and committed to its immediate community and to nurturing its privileged position as Edmonton’s premier new music organization. In our next quarter-century we will play a leading role in fostering the growth of our city’s incredibly vibrant and diverse arts community. We believe that the arts are vital to the balance and well-being of society and will continue to work towards initiatives that stimulate audiences and appeal to a cross-section of Edmonton’s engaged and supportive public.

NME Board Members
President:Allison Balcetis
Vice President: Scott Smallwood 
Treasurer: Sarah Short
Secretary:Laura Kerslake
Members At Large: George Andrix, Vanessa Rae, Holly Pickering, Holly DeCaigny, Robyn Paches

General Manager: Chenoa Anderson
Artistic Director: Ian Crutchley
Production Manager: Nicolás Arnáez