Call for Proposals


New Music Edmonton presents work by visiting and local artists that enriches and reflects Edmonton’s live sonic arts scene.

New Music Edmonton is bringing its own venue to the Fringe Festival this August 17-26, 2017! Our very generous sponsors at the Wee Book Inn on Whyte Avenue have agreed to lend its space for performances. Its unique layout – two stories with a large, central, spiral staircase and bookshelves throughout the store – will provide a unique space for musicians, dancers and other artists. The 2nd floor is for performances with the 1st floor still open for customers. As you consider your proposal, please check out the Wee Book Inn’s store at 10310 Whyte Avenue to imagine the performance possibilities.

We will prepare several 45-minute shows to have on a rotating basis throughout the festival. This means that your proposal might be chosen to be performed more than once! We are able to offer a modest honourarium for each performer, plus a half of the ticket sales of that performance (to be divided between all the performers that evening).

Please consider the theatrical nature of the Fringe, as well as the yearly theme, if possible, in your proposals. We welcome collaborative efforts involving theatre, spoken word, movement or dance, etc – as long as there is a sound art component.


  • proposals can be for either 20 minutes or 45 3 performers maximum per 20 minute proposal, 6 performers maximum per 45 minute proposal
  • proposals should be no longer than 45 minutes, including all speaking and changes
  • We will not have a piano available
  • We will not be able to rent electronic equipment or lighting so please consider this in your proposal
  • We WILL be able to provide some speakers and a simple mixing table for sound reinforcement
  • We will have minimal onsite storage for props you might have for repeat performances

Proposal Package, to be sent by email in a Word document or PDF:

  • names of all performers and composers involved
  • contact info for one representative of the project
  • accurate timings for the piece(s)
  • estimated set-up and tear-down times
  • submit a 200-250 word description of the piece and your performance ideas for using the Wee Book Inn space
  • web links to any sound samples (not required but encouraged)
  • 50-word bios for all artists and composers involved
  • a complete list of equipment you will be bringing and what, if any, of our equipment you might need
  • dates and times from August 17 until the 26 from 8 pm until 10pm when you WOULD NOT be available to perform

New Music Edmonton’s mandate includes a commitment to reflecting our community’s creative and demographic diversity and our goal is to reflect that diversity in our programming and organization. We embrace policies which highlight openness and fairness, creating an inclusive environment for all individuals in the celebration of their art. As part of this philosophy, we are pledged to the goal of achieving gender parity and the inclusion of underrepresented demographics over the course of each season’s programming.

Submissions which reflect these goals are particularly welcome, but all proposals sent will be given full and equal consideration.

Informal inquiries may be sent to <>.

Please send your proposals by June 20, 2017 to