2020 Now Hear This Festival

New Music Edmonton is proud to announce that its eighth annual Now Hear This Festival of New Music will be taking place March 19 – 22, 2020. The festival will include a wide array of concerts, talks, and other events, and promises to be an exciting weekend. We already have a mind-blowing array of artists scheduled, and are seeking your participation!

  • Informal inquiries may be sent to nmegeneralmanagerATgmailDOTcom
  • For full consideration, please send your proposals by December 15, 2019.
  • We only accept proposals submitted through our online submissions system. Click here to submit.


New Music Edmonton Equity Statement:
In calling for and reviewing proposals, New Music Edmonton strives for equity and actively seeks out both demographic and stylistic diversity. We recognize that treating all people equally does not guarantee fairness, but can, instead, reinforce extant biases. As such, in contributing to a reliably equitable environment in our own presentations, the arts generally, and society as a whole, we endorse and have adopted policies whose outcomes promote fair distribution of opportunities.

We especially welcome proposals reflecting our equity goals and strongly encourage proposals from all underrepresented demographics. The resultant expansion of perspectives and experiences is necessary in creating a vibrant and inclusive arts community, which benefits us all.